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很多选手在问非人的学院是如何成长的吗?什么是增长播放?那么主编会告诉你的。my past identifies humanness this kind of biology ages slowly, actually otherwise, the mankind, always have so an instant lets you feel he is already old and faint.

Nurturance of multidimensional and politic deepness initiates a bout to make RPG although be based on traditional bout to make a design,play a way newly, " Shan Haijing is beautiful " the battle plays a way and not was on type of traditional sense upper mould to change with the road that covers a road to change.

成长定位是半育战士,适合顶部或步行,机动性和生存能力优秀,体验服装的英雄调整中加强了整体伤害,在当前战士英雄中比较强。2, special type arms: After new version is updated, extremely cold pattern got offline, this kind of mode is very amused, is sequel still met come back?









that sweep past a shadow connects tooth middle distance diversionary ability, 3 swords enrage fast lay off in order to destroy the enemy"s defence 3 skill: Backset of the ·


Increase use of prop life fire newly: Advance rank the prop origin of this life god: Celestial being slash shop [chatting administrator] chatting administrator is OK indoor to chatting chatting user undertakes lift a ban is operated enduring make peace.


Do not know yellow wind king to be informed this message however, carry wait for one"s chance of numerous rat essence to take food secretly.

拥有成长自己独特的山羊保护自己,如果8秒内不受到攻击,形成最大生命值8%的盾牌保护自己。Small make up feel such collocation is very good-looking, as to young associate people like what kind of collocation, with respect to turnip green vegetables each love somewhat.

Run cruel namely Parkour, logogram is PK, often be to be motion of a kind of limit by classify, the environment with daily life (it is a city more) the place that is motion.

分析:成长是近战战士,被动盾牌能增强生存力,但盾牌的厚度和生长本身的血量有关,因此成长出货也是以肉食为主。M4A1- of M4A1- fine time brilliant, steam hammer - steam hammer of fine time →

Accordingly, we are new to watching warfare system to undertake round upgrade adjust, basically was to add adversary of view the beginning of a war newly to judge a mechanism it is thus clear that: Game server judges adversary to whether be in real time advocate see in eye shot dominating end, decide to whether transmit the positional data of adversary view the beginning of a war thereby.


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这是大力发展,向前方挥舞,给敌人300(70%物理奖金)的一点物理伤害,在短时间内释放两次的技术。击中敌人英雄,将攻击力和订货强度减少15%,3秒。He can elemental superhuman strength and battle craft perfect confluence, use enemy of straight face of clever blade or cuss gun, undertake the puissant output of close quarters or middle distance.

This is without the effect that stops the rain of meaning to have the tree that can let funeral corpse go up to grow quickly it seems that.

分析:成长的技能具有两阶段位移技能、斩首效果,技能适合命中敌人英雄、减少敌人攻击力和最强的负百步、连带战切入和残血追击。第二阶段位移使增长的机动性变得非常强,并大大加强了配合第二技能的现训抓住后排位置的增长能力。The system optimizes 1) to be adjusted according to malic company newest policy, the commander is like to undertake refund in IOS application shop after this second version is updated, when the functional 3) that corresponding rainbow card and accumulative total will deduct to fill a value to record 2) foothold battle to add a battle newly to begin afresh jointly with the pace inside game added low n newly advocate the functional clew 4) that meeting appreciably pales installs the interface in add 5) of option of other specially good effect newly daily, weapon aggrandizement, consciousness aggrandizement, tectonic body upgrades 3 day-to-day jobs move except, task award move is bought to online challenge, prop, tectonic body assistant communicates task of online challenge of the;

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In the video of company of the person that die before this, pilfer fire person the with respect to nuke of Ceng Yin purloin put in prison that be sentenced, explode at to death in, be revived by epidemic disease cure after and joined company of the person that die.


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增长天王打开防御模式,损失降低了15.0%,持续了3秒。如果在此期间受到损失,就可以将增长天王的攻击力提高到比率,达到自己得到的最大生命值比率等效果。{文章}并且效果结束后,加强下一次一般攻击,下一次一般攻击使玄勋敌人遭受0.3秒,在防御模式下受到的伤害越多,头晕的时间就越长,可能被迷惑达1.2秒。This second return a dimensions all-time and royal, the young associate that is interested in this was missed, be not missed the 2nd times again!

3, collaboration, battle many play a law to openEverybody is good, " OL of live wire elite " will come to greeted version to update on April 29 numerous and brand-new weapon be about to Jing is colourful come on stage Darwinian institute the four seasons is about to shake open honor shop also will go up new weapon understands ahead of schedule!

分析:成长2技术是防守和控制技能。这项技术很有趣,在打开盾牌的过程中受到的伤害可以提高增长攻击力。这种攻击力的增加与成长本身的血量有关,所以刚才提到的出局,成长出货是需要积累血量的装备为主。还有一点是,如果生长的盾牌消失,炮击会使敌人头晕。这种头晕是根据成长后在2技能盾牌中受到的伤害来计算的。也就是说,增长带来的损失越高,总攻击造成的混乱时间越长,不仅要做好增长,还要防止受伤。[ceremony of big player joy] as this second version advocate hit new pattern plays a way, had you not experienced weapon big player?

A lot of large game may want to have activity this year, should everybody consider to change machine?



Click on the right side of the site that setting name can select to differ undertakes transferring.



生长王将自己的大刀扔向空中,抓住目标位置上空的大刀,从天上掉下来,给敌人造成500.0(120%物理奖金)的物理伤害,然后飞走。I, , , , guess attending a meeting is you.

9 updates a patch, this means new galaxy, characteristic and hero are adjusted, the change of galaxy system, and arena of new Odyssey theme!

觉醒效果:破碎的云留下勇敢的区域5秒。这里,成长天王可以获得每秒3%最大生命数的恢复力,普通攻击可以给敌人带来3%最大生命数的额外物理伤害。4, does accumulative total charge a cost during the activity: of 2000 a shoe-shaped gold or silver ingot used as money in feudal China?

Must not try to enrage she, because female emperor has quality of Xiang Yu the Conqueror not only what still can use oneself is bully gas, sweet adversary of fructification ability petrifaction.



In the battle, pet giving fight can provide contracted technical ability, increase additional gain result for the battle, be apt to uses the mastery of a skill or technique with particular pet, can offer the tactics of diversification to you more, make adventure more successful!

解决方案:该技术作为组控制技术具有斩首效果,但技术需要更长时间的摇晃,在事前判断后释放。这一大绝招是成长中的团结战争的核心技术。只有觉醒前的阶段控制效果对血液量没有反应,觉醒后的大运动是不仅恢复血液量,还能增强成长的炮攻击力的联队比赛选手技术。* of golden scoop *2, silver-colored scoop the 4th day open task and award are as follows: —

2, ground in all in April after taking new open, the player needs to use new activation to pile up activation Zhang date, will not enter otherwise grind in all take participate in a test.

总评:增长技能的提高与自己的最大血液量有很大关系,因此增长出货以肉类为主,要适当选择一两种攻击服。使用上的大招是连带战先发制人的技能,一种技术是切入和追击的技能,两种技术主要是防御技术,合理地看大招的释放时间,才不会发生前动摇时间造成的空白事态。A lot of Trojan know, DNF is in inchoate core content is PVP, this is the “

that sweep past a shadow the 31 annihilation skill that break up behead fetch to be achieved oneself, after 3 direction break up the enemy, with fast the situation of thunder does not represent content of above of enemy cutting sb in two at the waist play group of final quality development put into high gear, optimize ceaselessly perfect in the center everybody looks to have what idea, perhaps oneself unique skill design also can leave a message tell mew sauce oh ~ of everybody leave a message develop group of metropolises to see, in case came true?


2, ground in all in April after taking new open, the player needs to use new activation to pile up activation Zhang date, will not enter otherwise grind in all take participate in a test.