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亲爱的小伙伴!乐高武汉新的王牌挑战赛—— 《雷神 失落竞技场》调整后,月末步伐同时推出!那现在拿起枪来做新的挑战吧!




The besides the government set market that remain, disc of substance of music of impression of disc of Ren of a place of strategic importance " echo " , and the series of circumjacent wool cloth with soft nap that gives priority to a problem with face Gansu hill, tomorrow ark hand does series layout decision, it is a few collaboration about hypostatic general affairs.

您可以通过在下载中心搜索“《雷神 失落竞技场》”或输入地图特性代码“6726645464122752”来参与问题。Although add,amount to li of ship vessel to be made with missile mostly give priority to a weapon, but you still can see they serve as track artillery piece auxiliary undertake remote blow.

Login send times doubler on cent card sends anniversary to celebrate spray paint - the activity is rewarded - anniversary celebrates spray paint times doubler go up minute of card - mobile time - on May 1 - on May 3 - participate in means - during the activity, entry game, can get times doubler go up minute of card (can be in 20:0 of 5.


Complete Jin Ka returns to the return giant city that millions of people expects eventually, long Xiao - evil spirit the whole people is brushed brush, do you decide the Long Xiao that does not give you changes ”


Series of fight blood arteries and veins is dauntless.



4, blessing of pray of player old gentleman 30: ?

PS:枪枝刷新位置固定,可以更好地选择位置,表明对作战有效。treasure brand-new chessboard gets in expeditionary ”

In game process, the player will face a choice everywhere, this has nothing to do so called good and evil, but however momently let a player produce ego to suspect, is I am done so right certainly really?



Inside game detail page, click make an appointment pushbutton, can make an appointment so hand of Ao Ji fokelore swims.

PS:道具的位置固定,所以选择得更好,并保证个人的生存时间。Game is setting with Japanese the Warring States, bold and powerful the Warring States fierce of each times legend changes all bud mother, the letter that knit cropland is long, home De Chuan health, towering total department.

Make greatly believe you to also look ~ looks to set his mind at a lot of battle song won"t disappoint chess player greatly people expectation we can do better more oh ~ more is wonderful content, head for please " battle song arena " zoneWorld of different of travel old be out of practice, observe hill sea all manifestations of nature.

PS:熊多画刷可以在角上找到,小伙伴可以在一层跳跃点、水下、大型医疗包、猎枪侧后角、双层盔甲片等处找到。Mobile time: On May 6 - on May 10 mobile content: The player is in during the activity promise the pool promises article, arrive appoint date to be able to receive award.

" spatio-temporal hunter " act of pop of fire of contest of ladder of day of first whole nation, 10 thousand yuan of cash are rewarded, wait for you to come battle!


for example: After taking out stage property for the first time, cooling time is 10 seconds, after taking out stage property the 2nd times, cooling time turns into 13 seconds, with this analogize, maximum cooling time is operated for collect of beverage of 25 seconds;

了解设备、道具的效果、刷新位置等,了解一下有什么作战技术。guards to be about to go up line!

Be in when those who lie between 4 years many today, the hand swims also is to go up eventually line this function, do not pass, it is the doodle that will come true with another kind of form, come true with what form, want the doodle canister that tell next namely.


During the activity, accumulative total fills a value to reach corresponding number will " additional give award " , of every amount " additional give award " every Zhang date can be gotten only during the activity, accumulative total charges a cost full 5000 yuan, can obtain the following and all " additional give award " accumulate 50 yuan: Sweeping certificate *100, to honour dress fragment *5 accumulates 98 yuan: гк of *1 of bag of 51 orgiastic ceremonies, sweeping certificate 200, to honour weapon fragment *5, La Xuanjing *5 accumulates 198 yuan: гк of *2 of bag of 51 orgiastic ceremonies, sweeping certificate 300, to honour dress fragment *5, to honour *5 of weapon fragment *5, violet Xuan Jing accumulates 488 yuan: гк of *3 of bag of 51 orgiastic ceremonies, sweeping certificate 500, to honour dress fragment *5, to honour weapon fragment *5, Qing Xuanjing *5 accumulates 1000 yuan: гк of *4 of bag of 51 orgiastic ceremonies, sweeping certificate 1000, to honour dress fragment *10, to honour weapon fragment *10, Gong Xuanjing *2 accumulates 2000 yuan: гк of *5 of bag of 51 orgiastic ceremonies, sweeping certificate 2000, to honour dress fragment *15, to honour *10 of Yang Yan of weapon fragment *15, Gong Xuanjing *3, celestial being accumulates 5000 yuan: гк of *10 of bag of 51 orgiastic ceremonies, sweeping certificate 5000, to honour weapon fragment *30, to honour Yang Yan *30 notes dress fragment *30, Gong Xuanjing *5, celestial being: Sincerity of bag of 51 orgiastic ceremonies is full, more probability opens sky of a cherub, empty to grow fashionable dress of a magic weapon of tooth lion, the Eight Immortals in the legend, weapon (bones of the dead, elegance and talent, pirate) wait for good manners Oh!


Can cooperate each other already, perhaps harm each other again, the hour of your friendship reached trial!



The double hit doorsill that the hand swims is lower, but blow feeling achieved high level.



1 welfare announcement had gone up line, mobile strength is very considerable, everybody most ·

5、由于地形,高水平的视野更好,部分必须通过的框架点更容易防御。Take newer time to inspect version circumstance to may have fine tuning or delay time completely, if meet special condition, we will additional undertake compensating, pay close attention to our newest announcement please.因此,小伙伴可能有机会在这个地区蹲点或偷积分。(文章)但是,架子分店的高层以人多的地区为主,要注意不要让人们长时间看不到。returns an activity Er of deep and remote Lan Dai of premonitory S class ";


[brand-new knapsack] divide this beyond, last version go up the knapsack angel advent that wears an experience to serve a store also is to appear in award pool.

6、部分走廊、死角地带(特别是2层、3层阶梯)是自然埋伏场所,小伙伴可以在这里捕捉兔子,等到目标经过后,收获后带走。大厅、花园等暴露区域要注意不要停留太久,以免别人输出到靶子上。About before case blocks technical ability, although,the problem of existence and correspondence alter we very the design that agitato undertook case blocks technical ability, but after the feedback that gets everybody, also discovered really in solid the problem in holding.


Depend on pure and fresh the picture wind that has oxygen, rich diversity play a way, game ascends App Store home page to recommend in 50 many countries and area early or late, obtain Google Play whole world to recommend.